Monday, February 13, 2017

How To Market Your Business For Free

For a startup business, putting your name in the midst of potential customers is very essential.  Small business entrepreneurs and start-up companies don’t have the resources of placing itself in the middle of the market by purchasing premium ads and outsourcing their marketing strategies to professionals because they are outrageously expensive. It is not a viable option for small business who can barely afford a serviced office in Welshpool. But, there are many ways that you can do to make your small business places itself in the middle of a competitive market for free.

The keyword is here is FREE. Being astartup business we need to conserve our financial resources as much as we can. Here are beneficial tips on how to market your business for free.

1. Create local awareness.
Let the locals be aware your business. If you cannot yet afford to buy ad spaces, you could join parades during local festivals, volunteer in local civic drives or present yourself as resource speaker in schools and other speaking engagement. Hiring a public relations company is expensive, other growing business may hire them to become more competitive in the local market but being a small start-up entrepreneur you cannot afford it. The best thing that you can is to do some simple ‘do-it-yourself’ PR to create awareness in the local market.

2. Take advantages of social media.
Social media is easy to get started and provides a vast network of prospective customers, and the best of all it is free.  Get yourself an account in social mainstream like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedln. Take a picture at the posh lobby of the serviced office you rented and post if on social media. Take a picture of your best product and portfolio and upload it in social media. Just make sure that you focus on quality rather than quantity.
Go ahead, make that Facebook page and spread the word.

3. Use word of mouth
Word of mouth is the most powerful of advertising channel you could have. Getting a positive feedback from customer is best advertising of all. Getting a testimony from a satisfied customer is your best marketing tool. A professional serviced office you rented at Perth airport may impress your client at first, but it is the quality of your products or services will make them stay impressed. The word of mouth from your client will make or break your business, so make sure that you imprint a good impression among your customers.

Marketing a small start-up business is incredibly critical to a company’s success but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend too much startup money. A practical and clever entrepreneur can find services and products that can help improve the market presence of his company and drive prospective customers’ in buying the product or services it offered, without spending any overhead.

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