Sunday, March 12, 2017

5 Reasons Why Serviced Office is Best for Start-up Business

Start-up entrepreneurs cannot afford to spend huge amount of money during the early stage of the business. Renting a full office space, buying office facilities and hiring office staffs that would maintain the office would take a huge chunk in the capital. Nonetheless, even small businesses and starting companies would want to set up an office in a good business location and have a workplace that is presentable, comfortable, and equipped with facilities all they need.  One of the popular alternatives among start-up entrepreneur is to conduct their business at their homes. However, this kind of setup will not make your business look professional and it doesn’t appeal to customer and potential investors.

These days, there is another option for start-up entrepreneur that is both budget-friendly and professional looking. That is through the use of a serviced office. With a serviced office like serviced office in Perth airport, you don’t have to buy or lease an actual office space that would give your business a professional and corporate feel without spending so much of your capital. Here are top five reasons why serviced office is great for start-up business:

1. You will get a dedicated local phone number for your business. Along with other amenities, you will get telephone with a local area code which your local customer can easily identify. This is great addition to your business if you are trying to establish local presence. A number with a local area code would give a more personal and trustworthy vibe to local customer.

2. You get a professional receptionist. A professional receptionist is an expensive addition to your business and a start-up entrepreneur you cannot afford a professional receptionist, yet. But with a serviced office in Perth airport you can have a professional receptionist that would take care of the incoming call for your business. This would highly promote a mood of professionalism on your business.

3. You get your own corporate mailing address. It would greatly help the image of your business. It creates a sense of permanence on your business.

4. You will have your own fax number. Your very own fax number will give you ease in transacting business among your business contacts.

5. You get your own voicemail box. The voicemail can significantly improve your interaction with your customer ever after business hours.

If you don’t to fully risk all your hard-earned capital on a full office space, you could try the best alternative which is the use of serviced office. With a serviced office you can get all the advantage of a full office without spending large amount of dollars. 

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