Sunday, June 11, 2017

Renting Temporary Office Space in Welshpool

If you are doing temporary business in Welshpool or just want to test the waters before fully wadding in, renting a temporary serviced office space is the smart thing to do. If you are not familiar on how to proceed in renting a temporary bookkeeper welshpool here are some tips you can consider.

1. Locate the business district in Welshpool
If your business needs to be in the center of the business hub in Welshpool, it is important that you locate a serviced office that is located in the business district. The business district is often the found in the central area of the city where transportation hub and commercial establishment are found. If your business requires being in the center of the business district, then you should have to look at serviced office such as The AspireCenter.

2. How long will you be staying at Welshpool?
If you don’t plan to stay long it is advisable to rent a serviced office in Welshpool rather than renting a regular office. If you are staying in Welshpool for a long period, say 5 years or more then it advisable to lease a regular office. If you are to lease a regular office space you need to work with a real estate agent. In that case, you need to choose a real estate agent that have proper license to operate.

3. Consider you budget
Being in the center of the business district is a great advantage. However, the rental/lease price of offices in the center of the business district is more costly than those are not. You have to align your target location with your budget and then evaluate the viable options.

4. Consider the tenancy agreement
The tenancy agreement is a legal document that contains the rights and responsibility of the property owner and the tenant. Generally, tenants are required to pay 2 to 3 months deposit during the signing of the tenancy agreement. For a regular office space, the typical lease would run for two to three years and can be renewed based on mutual consent. On the other hand, serviced offices are available for rent for a short duration. It may run as short as 1 month and longer.

5. Tenants are required to pay maintenance charges. The maintenance charge is usually calculated on per square foot basis. On serviced offices, the payment for maintenance is already included in your rent. Both in a regular office and serviced office, you don’t need to pay property tax because it the responsibility of the property owner to pay for it.

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